Mentor/Protégé Program

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Good mentoring relationships are richly rewarding, both for the protégé and the mentor. The SMPS Austin mentorship program demonstrates our commitment to assisting A/E/C marketers and business developers in their personal growth and professional development. This is an exciting opportunity for SMPS Austin Chapter members to develop their skills through the insights and knowledge of other members.

Mentors and proteges will be paired up based upon specific career tracks, years of experience and areas of interest and expertise. We are careful to ensure that pairings are not made from members of competing organizations. Membership is required for participation.

A recommended curriculum is provided to each pairing, but the meetings and program should be formatted to fit your individual needs, goals, interests and expertise. The program is built around each individual’s strengths, as defined by the CliftonStrengths Assessment. Both mentors and proteges will be provided a copy of the book, offering access to a strengths evaluation that will guide the program and help direct your conversations.


Cost for protege: $150
Cost for Mentor: FREE


JANUARY 31, 2020

Mentor and Protégé applications due

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Exact Date to Be Announced
Mentorship Networking and Kickoff Happy Hour


From March through September, Mentors and Proteges will meet one-on-one and base their conversations loosely around the provided curriculum, illuminating each individuals’ strength with regard to career. Meetings are organized by each pair based on your unique schedules. Below you will find the theme defined for each month’s conversations.

  • MARCH // Announcement
  • APRIL // Awareness
  • MAY // Application
  • JUNE // Achievement
  • AUGUST // Advancement
  • SEPTEMBER // Accountability


Exact Date to Be Announced
Concluding Happy Hour



Participating in the SMPS Mentorship program has definitely been one of the best decisions I’ve made since working in this industry. I left each of my mentor meetings feeling more confident and excited to pursue new goals. I had a great mentor, she was always open to hearing my thoughts and answer any questions I had!
- Daniella Parker, PRAVO Construction

During the first conversation with my mentor, I realized that the problems I faced in my work were fairly common. My mentor gave me solid tools and strategies for navigating this job, as well as career advice and general encouragement. I would definitely recommend this program.
- Curt Hendley, Baer Engineering

The SMPS Mentorship program is one of my favorite things about SMPS. I have participated for the last 2 years as a protégé and would continue participating in the program year after year if I could. I have found this program to be an invaluable resource to my career in the AEC industry.
- Brittany Hendrickson, DBR

Being a mentor has been one of the most rewarding parts of being an SMPS member. Being a mentor allows you to examine your own best practices, learn from your protégée and deepen relationships. I’ve enjoyed every minute of it!
- Janki DePalma, DCI Engineers

I loved serving as a mentor this year. I learned about the ins and outs of a different discipline within the industry from my protégé. I gained insight about myself and truly feel like I was able to provide tangible strategies and insight into the industry based on my own experiences. Being a mentor is a great opportunity to reflect on your career and encourage up and comers.
- Beth Sims, dwg. landscape architecture



Protégé Responsibilities

Take the lead and make a firm commitment, clearly state objectives to mentor. Commit to meet once a month for one-on-one meetings at a place and time that is agreed on with Mentor. Protégés should always be clear, honest and complete in expressing needs and concerns, proactively act to achieve goals, assist with developing a trusting relationship, respect time and insight of others and maintain confidentiality in interactions. Protégés are willing individuals who desire to learn and grow in their careers. There is a $150 registration fee for proteges.

Mentor Responsibilities

Be a resource for protégé and answer questions and guide the protégé in their professional development. Commit to meet once a month for one-on-one meetings at a place and time that is agreed on with Protégé. Mentors listen to concerns and needs, identify gaps in skills or experience, provide support and guidance confidentially, share knowledge about developing a career path, suggests ways to respond to difficult situations, encourage and inspire, assist in developing goals and action plan and help to open protégé’s mind to other opportunities A mentor is a promoter, advisor, counselor, and coach who is committed to the protégé’s professional and personal development. There is no fee associated with serving as a mentor.